School Co-Curricular Activities


All girls are challenged to try out new things, and be involved.

A gracie Girl is always willing to try new things, be challenged and get involved. A wide range of activities are available. The girls are encouraged to partake in at least one activity per term. Professional coaching is provided for various activities

Extra-Murals (Subject to change)

  • Drum Majorettes
  • Netball
  • Cross Country
  • Choir
  • Marimba Band
  • Drama Club
  • Arts and Culture
  • Chess
  • Hockey
  • Touch Rugby
  • Dance Classes
  • Action Netball
  • Cubs,
  • Scouts and World Scholar’s
  • Athletics
  • Soccer and
  • swimming

Grace Enrichment Programme

At Grace Trinity, Enrichment has been integrated into our Life Orientation programme. This will entitle your daughter to receive certificates for activities carried out within the programme. The girls learn respect for others and appreciate what is around them. We place a strong emphasis on charity work and stewardship. All enrichment skills are taught within our house system.

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