Truth is our motto and the red flags flying on the corridors reinforcing that TRUTH is the way.


The 8th of August was the celebration of Women’s Day. Girls dressed up as famous / not-so-famous / infamous women. Each girl prepared an oral task as an assessment for Term iii. We also did a tea collection for a women’s facility in Kibler Park – a bumper collection. Interact and Gold Certificate winners of Eisteddfod will be going through to entertain the ladies at this facility.


The high school girls are involved in the 67-minute challenge. Each unit of 67 minutes scores points for your house team. Family and friends of the GT wolves are also encouraged to read. All of us are asked to assist others in our community with reading


We are hosting a blood Drive on Thursday 31st of August from 10h00 – 14h00. Give a pint and save 3 lives. Family and friends of Gracie girls are welcome to come support this drive. South African emergency services have approximately 3 days’ blood available. Thank you in advance for your support.