Drake House holds the value of Loyalty.  We believe in commitment and endurance.  Once we believe in something we believe in it all the way and therefore our motto is ‘All In.’  We see things through to the end, even when things become difficult and trying.  We don’t quit.  Being loyal does not mean that one blindly follows a friend or a belief system but rather that one has a strong moral compass and acts accordingly, even if it means taking an unpopular stand.


This year we focused on ‘blind loyalty’ and ensuring that we stand for what is right, not compromising our beliefs for friends or circumstances.  We raised money to support the Guide Dog Association of South Africa and helped fund the raising of a puppy in training to become a Guide Dog.


Last year our theme was Braveheart, focusing on being brave enough to stand up for one’s belief system and we supported the Teddy Bear Clinic by making teddy bears for children that are victims of abuse and need to testify in court.


Ultimately Drake House believes that ‘respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned