WMessage from the Principal

What Awaits you at Grace Trinity School for girls

Debra Fynn Robertson, BAEd, BEdhons (Wits), CELTA (Cambridge, UK)

What a special time awaits you! You are about to make one of the most significant choices with regards to your future – choosing the community of learners with whom you will enjoy your secondary education. A special thank-you for considering what we could offer you at Grace Trinity School for Girls.

Choosing to study with us means you dare to both follow – and shape (indeed in time to lead) – our vision. We are the first choice for you if you want to grow into a strong, caring young woman; someone who is prepared to be stimulated and challenged. If you believe that learning should be enjoyable, and that a school should be somewhere you can engage interactively in your learning, where students are encouraged and expected to achieve consistently at the level of their personal best – then Grace Trinity is the right environment for you. Our goal is to see you committed to lifelong learning , while you become a resilient, confident and mature young woman.

We’re about creating a culture where you will be satisfied only when you’re achieving your personal best. Our vision is assisted by the use of a purposeful house system, which emphasises the significance of “older sisters/younger sisters”. With them we aim to cultivate our sense of family and community even more deliberately.

We’re keen to ensure you mature while you enjoy and learn more about relating to others within our wonderfully diverse, multicultural community. If you join us, you must make the most of those varied experiences which we believe add to all the learning areas we offer. We want your engagement and enjoyment to be stimulated even more through participation and extension in the artistic, cultural, sporting, emotional, and service dimensions of your life. We expect you to participate in some of these dimensions. Through such opportunities and experiences, our young women become confident, caring, nurturing young leaders in our society.

We are excited about being 21st century learners. As staff, alongside our students, we see ourselves as lifelong learners. We too, are aspiring to be our personal best at all times. We are active as a professional learning community. At the outset of this address, I dared you to consider what we could offer you at Grace Trinity. If we are the school for you, we will expect you to grow in confidence and mature into a self-sufficient, resilient graduate. We will want you to be actively involved in deciding upon and engaging in your learning, and taking full responsibility for your educational outcomes.

We invite you to find out more by attending one of our open days, and speak with all involved as you weigh up whether or not Grace Trinity is an option for you. We wish you all the best as you choose which high school will best meet your needs and wants.

DF Robertson